Xbox One X specs leak, new Xbox One headset, Xbox One S price, Xbox Music bundle

Xbox One X specs leak, new Xbox One headset, Xbox One S price, Xbox Music bundle

Microsoft has been teasing a new Xbox one console for a while now, and we know it has a new console inside.

Today, Microsoft has released a new page with all the details on the new Xbox.

The page is titled “The Xbox One, the Next Generation” and the article is a detailed description of what we know about the new console.

It also lists what it’s rumored to be called the “PlayStation 4 Pro” console, which Microsoft calls the next generation Xbox.

There are two big details that you should know about these leaks.

First, the page doesn’t list a price tag for the new machine, but it does list a “launch price” of $499.

That’s more than the $399 price of the current Xbox.

Second, Microsoft says that the Xbox One Pro will come with a new gaming controller and Kinect sensor.

The “Xbox One Pro” also seems to be getting a new controller, which is something that the previous Xbox controller had to offer.

The page also mentions that Xbox Live is coming to the new consoles, but that it’s not “coming at the same time” as the Xbox Live Arcade.

It’s likely that Microsoft is testing the new game store, which will be a new way to play games on Xbox One.

Microsoft also said that the new controllers will work with existing games.

You can see a screenshot of what Microsoft has said in the Xbox Pro controller article that you can see below.

Microsoft is also teasing a redesigned Xbox logo, which we’re expecting to see on a new hardware lineup.

Microsoft has a number of different logos for the Xbox platform, and the new logo looks very similar to the logo that’s been on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft is hoping to get away from the Xbox logo on consoles and instead use the logo on its gaming accessories, but the logo still appears on the consoles that are coming out of the factory.

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