Wireless computer headsets for sale in $100,000 range

Wireless computer headsets for sale in $100,000 range

The wireless computer headsets that can play video on your television have been on sale for $100 million since the U.S. government shut down the entire industry in 2013, according to data released by Cisco.

The devices can be bought for $20,000 each, the company said Wednesday.

Cisco also said that the price of its wireless computer headset is currently $40,000, down from $90,000 last year.

The new devices include the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and the Leap Motion hand-tracking head-mounted display.

The company also has an Xbox One headset, which is not part of the new range.

The $100m price tag doesn’t include the cost of accessories, but it does include $50,000 to $100k for an “add-on bundle.”

That bundle includes the headset, an Xbox controller, a controller with Kinect, and a wireless controller.

The headset also comes with an Xbox Wireless controller for $60, and another controller with the same functionality for $40.

The price of the Xbox controller alone is $120, so it makes the bundle $140.

For the Kinect peripheral, the price is $30.

For a wireless Xbox controller that includes the Kinect, it’s $30 and the Kinect for $35.

If you buy all of that together, you’re looking at an additional $100 to $150.

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