Why the PS4 is ‘best console ever’

Why the PS4 is ‘best console ever’

A couple of years ago, we told you that Sony was taking the next step in its hardware evolution with the PS3.

In the months since, the company has gone back to the basics, and with a handful of different hardware models.

But the PS5 is the first time it’s come to market with a brand new hardware model.

It may not look much different from last year’s model, but it’s still a powerhouse in terms of horsepower and processing power, and it packs a host of new features.

The PS5 Pro is an update to the original PS5 that comes with a host more horsepower than the original model, and that’s thanks to a new 8th generation Core processor called the Cortex-A53.

The new GPU is the next-gen Pascal chip, the same one that powered the Xbox One X, which is now in its sixth generation.

Sony also has a few new streaming features that will be on the PS10, including Dolby Vision, HDR, and more.

But there’s a big difference between the PS6 and PS10 that sets the PS7 apart.

It’s all about the hardware, and PS7 is a major step up in terms the price and power, but not all of it.

The difference in price is huge, and you’ll be paying the same $999.99 price tag for the PS9 Pro as you would for the PlayStation 7 Pro, but the difference is in the specs, and the PS 7 Pro is not just a bigger beast.

The PS7 Pro is a beast of a machine.

Its 1.6GHz dual-core processor has 2GB of RAM, 4GB of dedicated storage, and up to eight gigs of VRAM, according to Sony.

That means that the PS13 Pro is essentially two times the size of the PS15 Pro, and both are capable of running the next gen PS4.

There are also three times as many USB 3.0 ports, and there’s also support for the DualShock 4 controller.

The biggest change here is the new PS13, which has a much larger display.

It’s a 13-inch model with a 1340×900 panel, a 10.1-inch panel, and a 3.5mm jack for a headset.

It also has an extra HDMI port for gaming on the go.

This is the best gaming headset out there right now, but we can’t really call it a premium device, because it doesn’t pack all of the features that the best headsets do.

Sony is calling it a “super high-end” headset, and its design and specs are impressive.

We’ll let you know if it’s worth the money, but right now the PSPS13 Pro looks like the best headset out right now.

It also has some nice improvements to its cooling system.

The headset has been redesigned, with an internal fan for cooling the GPU, and Sony has redesigned the case for the headset to be more comfortable.

It does have some issues though, and if you want to play games at 1080p or 4K resolution, you’ll need to put up with a case.

We can’t recommend this headset enough.

The only other difference between PS7 and PS11 is that PS11 comes with the Blu-ray player, while PS7 does not.

The PlayStation 11 does come with a microSD card slot, and though Sony says it’s for backwards compatibility, you can use your PS11 for games on the PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4 Pro Slim, or PS4 Smart.

The only other thing you’ll notice is that there’s no Ethernet port, and all the ports are now USB 3 or Type-C.

You’ll still need a wired Ethernet connection to use the Blu.

The two ports on the top are used for HDMI, while the other two are used by the speakers.

The biggest differences between PS10 and PS12 are the display and battery life.

The 1080p screen has been replaced with a 12.3-inch OLED panel that Sony says has a pixel density of 1244 ppi, and we’d be surprised if that’s anywhere near as good as the PS11’s 1240 ppi.

The OLED panel has also been bumped up to a 2160×1440 resolution.

The brightness on the OLED panel is about the same as on the 1080p display, but Sony claims that the screen is brighter.

It feels brighter, but more reflective, which we’re not sure is the case.

It seems like a stretch to say that the OLED screen is more reflective than the 1080 panel, but that’s exactly what we saw on the Sony PS13 when we tested it.

The battery life on the two models is also the same, and is supposed to last for at least eight hours.

The battery life of the two is also supposed to be the same with the PlayStation 11.

Sony says the PS14 will last around eight hours,

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