Why is PlayStation 5 headset not compatible with Hunter Spider headset?

Why is PlayStation 5 headset not compatible with Hunter Spider headset?

Posted Sep 06, 2018 09:08:17 Sony has released a blog post explaining why its PS5 headset won’t work with the Hunter Spider 3 game.

Hunter Spider was a PlayStation 4 exclusive for a few months, and while it wasn’t as well received as Sony hoped, it has made a splash with the gaming community.

Sony said that the game has “huge potential for its players”, but it’s not available on the PS5 at the moment.

The reason the game doesn’t work is because the Hunter headset is a custom-made headset, and the headset’s microphone and speakers are built in to the headset.

This means that Sony is unable to control the microphone and the speakers on the headset, which makes the headset feel like it’s being used to play the game.

Sony’s blog post explains the headset won “t work” with the PS4 version of Hunter Spider because the headset is not “fully customisable”.

Hunter Spider has an “open mic system”, which means you can record your gameplay and then play it back in Hunter Spider’s headset.

Sony also says that the headset works with the game’s PSVR mode, which means players can “experience Hunter Spider without being tethered to a PSVR headset”.

Sony says that there are other ways for players to experience the game, such as “through an external display” and “in a dedicated mode”.

The blog post is also pretty confusing, because it says the headset will work with Hunter 3 “for a limited time”, and that the Hunter 3 PSVR version of the headset isn’t yet available.

“As of October 27, 2018, the Sony Hunter 3 headset will not be compatible with the PlayStation VR headset,” the blog post says.

The post also says “we are aware that some gamers may experience some issues with HunterSpider.

HunterSpider is available on PS4 and PS5″.

It also says it’s looking into “whether the HunterSpider 3 headset can be used with the existing HunterSpider PSVR experience”.

Sony hasn’t given an exact date for when the headset should be available, but Sony has already said it will be released on PSVR sometime in October.

“We will also be making HunterSpider available on PC for those who purchased a PS4 Pro.”

Hunter Spider will release on PS VR in October, and players who purchase a PS5 Pro version of their headset will also have access to Hunter Spider for free.

Sony says “HunterSpider 3 will feature an open mic system that allows you to record your game and play it in HunterSpider’s headset.”

Sony has said it’s working with its partners to make Hunter Spider available for free on PC and Mac.

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