Which headset to buy?

Which headset to buy?

Wal-Mart has announced that its “Holiday 2017” headset will be coming to the United States on December 2.

The company said it is working with Apple to bring the device to the U.S. The device will feature a “3D-enhanced” soundscape that lets you experience virtual reality in a “new and different way.”

The headset will feature an “integrated” 3D audio solution that will allow you to hear music and other audio without needing a separate headset.

The headset, which will also be compatible with a variety of mobile phones, will be priced at $199.

The device is designed to enhance the quality of your Holidays experience, and its design includes a “lighthouse” that will enable users to see when you are about to open a door or enter a room.

Wal-mart will also have a special “Holidays” holiday store that will offer exclusive items that will enhance your holiday shopping experience.

The headset, however, will not feature Dolby Atmos audio.

Instead, Wal-marts headset will support Dolby Vision, a feature that lets content creators create immersive experiences for people with disabilities.

The “Holisy” audio solution will also allow content creators to “enhance the quality and sound of audio and video content,” according to the company.

It is unclear whether the device will support other headset technologies, such as Apple’s Apple Watch, or Google Glass.

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