When Sony’s new PSVR headset goes on sale to consumers: A look at the differences

When Sony’s new PSVR headset goes on sale to consumers: A look at the differences

The Sony PlayStation VR headset will be available to the public starting today and will cost $599.

It will have two screens and two cameras to help users move around the virtual world.

The headset also has two earbuds that can be used to listen to music and video streamed from the Internet, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The PSVR will allow users to move around in a virtual world that can look like a living room, or a place in a shopping mall or airport, where you can interact with people.

It has two cameras on each side of the headset to track the position of the head, which is what makes it a virtual reality headset, the Journal reports, citing a company official.

The PlayStation VR also has positional tracking.

The company is making the headset so users can control the headset with a controller, like a PlayStation Move controller, or with a joystick.

“The PlayStation Eye motion controller is a virtual gamepad with two joystick buttons that you can move the PlayStation Eye around,” the company said in a press release announcing the headset’s launch.

The headset is set to come with PlayStation Move controllers, which are also designed to work with the PlayStation VR.

But the controller does not have motion controls, which makes it less useful than a PlayStation Camera.

The controller has two buttons, one for motion controls and one for the camera.

This makes it easier to control a PlayStation Eye camera with the controller.

This is a video game headset that will allow you to interact with virtual people in a video gaming experience.

Sony is making a big push to make the PlayStation Rift a virtual experience.

The PlayStation VR will likely launch alongside the headset, as well.

In addition to being able to interact in a real-world virtual environment, gamers will also be able to experience the power of virtual reality gaming, according to The Verge.

That means gamers will be able look around, but won’t have to take out their phones or take up real estate.

The company said the PlayStation 4 game console and the PS VR headset are the only games the PSVR has access to right now.

But Sony will be making more games available to play through the PS4 and the PlayStation TV.

“By offering a wide range of experiences, we are confident that the PlayStation Store will continue to be a key part of PlayStation VR’s future success,” the PSO’s Jason Brown told the Wall St. Journal.

“We are excited to bring the PS3 and PS Vita games, along with many of the more recent PlayStation 4 titles, to PlayStation VR over the next few months.”

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