What we know so far about the Oculus Rift, its successor and its potential successor

What we know so far about the Oculus Rift, its successor and its potential successor

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset.

It’s a VR headset.

But what does it look like?

We spoke with tech experts to find out what to expect when it finally launches.

Read moreRead moreThe new Oculus Rift headset is a very big deal.

The biggest change is the virtual reality feature that lets you walk around in a world.

The Oculus Rift’s developers were able to tweak the visual style and the way the virtual world looks.

You can look around and interact with things.

You can see a photo of a woman in a room with people.

There are people in this room, but you can’t interact with them.

You’re looking around and you’re not looking at the people around you.

You look at your hand.

And if you click a virtual button that looks like a click, the image pops up.

This is what it looks like.

The headset is still not available in the US yet, but it will be available for preorder in the coming weeks.

The headset has been a big topic of discussion among VR enthusiasts over the past year, with many suggesting the headset is the next big thing in virtual reality.

The headsets price tag is the most contentious.

If you preorder the Oculus VR headset, you can get a $600 bundle that includes everything you need to experience the headset.

You’re also getting a virtual camera, and you can also use the headset to look around in the virtual space.

You’ll be able to see your virtual world from a few feet away.

There are two versions of the Oculus headset.

The $600 version includes a small, foldable screen that’s just over 2 inches wide.

You have to plug the headset into a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The large version has a more sophisticated VR headset that looks similar to the Vive headset.

The $1,299 version has an impressive screen that is 13.5 inches wide and weighs just over 8 ounces.

The display also has a built-in projector that lets users look at a scene in a 360 degree environment.

The Oculus Rift uses two lenses, a camera and a camera-tracking headband.

The Rift is one of the few headsets that includes a separate headset, so you can use the Oculus Touch controllers with the headset or use the Rift headset separately.

The VR headset can also be worn with a computer monitor.

It’s a little harder to tell how well the Oculus headsets experience, but the new headset seems to be working well.

I tried the $1.1 million headset, which is the big one, and it didn’t disappoint.

It seemed to work really well, and I was able to get into a few virtual spaces, including the bathroom.

It was definitely a step up from the previous generation.

The Vive headset was very light and very comfortable, and the Oculus is heavier, but not as heavy.

The difference is that the Rift is much more expensive, so it’s a good price for the added functionality and the headset quality.

I don’t know if the price is as important for Oculus as it is for the headset, but I think it makes a lot of sense.

It is the biggest step in virtual-reality technology.

I really wanted to try it out.

I’m a huge fan of Oculus and I want to try something new.

There is so much hype around VR right now, and this is a big step forward in the technology.

The developers are doing some really impressive work with the technology, and Oculus really has the best headset around.

The biggest question is, will people use it?

The Rift has been touted as the next great virtual reality experience.

It promises to make the experiences of VR more immersive and fun.

We’ve seen some early demos of how this headset works.

We’re curious to see how the Rift fares in the real world, and whether or not it will appeal to people who are less familiar with VR.

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But how does the Rift compare to other VR headsets?

The big question is: will people like it?

We know people love the HTC Vive.

The HTC Vive is very affordable, and if you’re a fan of the HTC line of virtual reality headsets, you should be happy with the Oculus.

But do you know anyone who would buy the Oculus?

The Oculus is a different animal from the HTC and Vive.

We have no idea how many people would buy an Oculus headset, and how big an impact that would have.

That said, we do know that the Oculus has been getting a lot more hype than the Vive and HTC VR headsets.

We are curious to know how the Oculus fares in a large-scale, real-world test.

If it’s successful, and more and more people buy the Rift, it could open the door to VR that could rival the HTC or Vive.

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