What to watch for when purchasing a PS4 Pro headset

What to watch for when purchasing a PS4 Pro headset

Posted May 02, 2018 05:06:16In my previous article, I talked about a few PS4 Pros and PS4 Slim Pros to use with a PS VR headset, but we’re about to get to the best ones.

The PS VR Pro is the best PS4 headset we’ve seen, and with its $200 price tag, it’s worth it to pick one up.PSVR Pro is a good value for the money for a headset that will help you feel more like you’re using the PS4 than your gaming PC, and it’s also great for games with a wider range of VR modes.

This headset features a new headset design, and Sony has also added support for the PS VR camera.

It has a comfortable headband, so you’ll probably want to put it on more than your head if you’re playing a lot of VR content.

It’s also wireless and supports wireless charging, which is a big plus for people who want to use their PSVR headset as a stand for their gaming PC.

This will help it stand out more, and is a very smart decision on Sony’s part.PS4 Pro is available for pre-order now for $250, so it’s available to pick up in the coming days.

There are some pre-orders that will only be available until June 12th, so make sure you get your pre-ordering ticket before then if you want to be the first to get your PS4 pro.PS VR is a $400 headset that comes with an array of motion tracking, including a built-in camera.

It also has a new front facing camera, but that camera is only in testing and is not officially released.

The $300 price tag will get you a headset with the camera, a VR camera, and a built in PS VR gamepad.

If you’re looking for a good VR headset with a high-quality VR camera that you can use as a front-facing camera, PS VR is definitely worth considering.PS Pro is also a good option if you have a PS 4 Slim.

This is a better headset than PS VR, but the price is not as much of a deal, and you can get it with PS VR support for $200.

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