Watch: Cat Ear Ear Headset Gets A Second Life on Facebook (Video)

Watch: Cat Ear Ear Headset Gets A Second Life on Facebook (Video)

Cat ear headphones are becoming a popular way to listen to music while you’re at home.

Facebook is just one of the many platforms that has them on offer and now a new device is taking it one step further by bringing them to a whole new level.

Cat Ear Headphones is a pair of earbuds which allow you to listen through your ears without having to take your eyes off the screen.

The pair are available for £25 on the Cat Ear Headband website, but you can also pick them up for £45 on Amazon.

These earbud-style earboots have a simple design and fit well on the ear, allowing for a comfortable fit.

The headphones are actually a combination of earphones and a smartphone app.

The Cat Ear Heads app lets you listen to songs, podcasts and videos on your phone or your computer and play them through your earphones.

Once you’ve started listening to a track, it will automatically start playing a notification on your smartphone to let you know it’s been downloaded.

Once you’ve finished the notification, the device will play a new song or playlist of music from your phone.

You can also pause a track and resume playing it.

There’s even an auto-play feature which lets you quickly rewind a track without having the app interrupt you.

The device even has a built-in microphone so you can talk to the person you’re listening to without having them hear you.

While the Cat earheads are a good option for listening to music on the go, the new headphones can be worn with other headphones to listen more comfortably.

We tested out the Cat ears on our ears and found that they’re quite comfortable.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re using them for regular listening.

The earbods have a soft, slightly uncomfortable feel and are a little difficult to adjust to.

They are also slightly more expensive than the Cat Headphones, which cost around £30 on Amazon, but they’re still a good value for those looking to try out a pair.

You’ll need a Bluetooth headset if you want to listen with your ears attached.

If you’ve already had the Cat headset and Cat Ear headband on your ears for some time, we recommend that you get one for yourself to make sure you’re always listening to your favorite tunes.

The earbod-like earphones aren’t quite as flexible as the Cat headphones and can be a bit more difficult to use.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, there’s a pair that’s already on sale for around £15 on Amazon that will also work with your existing Cat earbears.

The Cat earphones can be purchased from Cat EarHeadband on the cat ear headphones page.

You should check the price of the Cat headband to make certain that the prices match up with the Cat device.

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