The PS4 wireless headset can deliver the best video quality out there

The PS4 wireless headset can deliver the best video quality out there

A new headset from the PlayStation brand that promises a video experience better than anything else on the market, has been approved for sale in Australia.

AstraZeneca’s Q100 is designed to give you the best picture possible on your television, but it also boasts a pair of wired headphones for those with weak hearing, a microphone for the front, and an optical sensor for the back.

The headset’s features are a combination of what the company calls “natural optics” and what you might expect from an optical headset.

The company claims that the Q100 uses a “light-weight” structure to ensure a high-resolution image is sent to the headset’s optical sensor, and it also has a pair in place for those who have weak hearing.

These sensors, which are used to capture the sound and image of a scene, are located on the back of the headset and work in concert with the headset.

This allows the user to see through the headset, and to focus on the image and scene they are watching.

“The Q100 offers a stunning picture with a superior clarity, clarity that you will see from the front of your TV,” a company spokesperson told ABC News.

“The quality is superb and the image is crisp and clear, even in low-light conditions.”

The Q1000 headset is set to be released later this year.

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