Samsung’s onikuma: Onikuma headphones not for me

Samsung’s onikuma: Onikuma headphones not for me

Onikama is the company behind the Onikumo, a pair of headphones that have become an instant hit with gamers and audiophiles.

And while the company is known for its high-quality, wireless-powered headphones, it’s also made a few high-profile mistakes in the last year.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Onikumas senior vice president and general manager, Michael Atherton, said the company had made a series of mistakes over the years that he’s had to correct in order to bring Onikamas high-end headphones to the market.

Atherton said he had to create a new audio and audio quality and quality of life experience for the consumer, which was a big change for the company.

He said that was one of the reasons why the company chose to change its name to Onikumi.

The company also said that it was “coming out with an Onikuchi in 2017, a name that better captures the OniKuma brand,” which he said is similar to Onihime.

Athertons team also made sure the headphones would be easy to wear on the go, while also taking advantage of the latest technology.

A lot of our efforts are focused on the consumer and consumer experience.

A lot of it is about the audio quality, and the way that we design the audio experience and the quality of the sound is really important for us, and I think our listeners are very well informed about the sound quality of their headphones.

He added that the company wanted to “take a step forward” with Onikums next generation headphones, so that consumers can buy them in a way that makes sense for them.

We were really focused on our consumer product for a very long time, but as we have been working on new product development for the past few years, I think we have started to make the right adjustments in terms of design, in terms

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