PS5 gaming headset is a real deal

PS5 gaming headset is a real deal

Sony has just released a new version of its PS5 headset, the Peltor PS5, which is the first to incorporate the “polarized” lens technology that was introduced in the PS4 Pro.

Polarized lenses are more flexible and can be easily rotated, so the Pestor PS4 is the only PS5 device to include them.

In a statement, Sony said the P5 “provides the most versatile PS5 to date with a new combination of 360° wireless wireless and integrated stereo speakers, an all-new PS5 VR controller and improved wireless charging technology”.

We’ve seen other PS5 devices with polarised lenses in the past, such as the PS5 Pro, PS5 Elite, PS4, PSVR and PSVR Slim.

The Pestar PS5 is the last PS5 that has such a feature.

The new P5 comes in a black version that’s currently available for pre-order.

The PS5 will also be available in a grey version for the time being, which costs $399.

The Pestors PS5 features a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB-C port, HDMI port and a USB Type-C to Type-A connector, which will be a new addition to the PS lineup.

The PS5 comes with four USB-A ports, a microSD card slot, an HDMI 1.4a port and dual analog inputs.

The new PS5 has a more powerful CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 1080p display.

Sony has been mum on pricing, but it’s expected to cost more than the PS 4 Pro.

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