Onikuma: Astro Gaming headset on Amazon.com

Onikuma: Astro Gaming headset on Amazon.com

Onikumas Astro Gaming gaming headset has been available for several years now, but it’s now available on Amazon for $159.99 with a free 3-month trial.

The headset features a wireless-accelerated gaming controller, an audio-based stereo headset, and a wireless HDMI port.

The headset’s wireless performance is good, with a Bluetooth connection and a full 4G network that works with Android smartphones and tablets.

The device can also be connected to an Xbox Wireless Controller for voice control and control of the Xbox gamepad.

The Onikumea headset’s design has been inspired by the Xbox 360 controller, which was a game-controller that was available in a number of different models.

The controller comes with a number and buttons for playing games, a camera and microphone, and an in-built remote control.

The remote control is connected via Bluetooth, which is a standard Bluetooth standard for gaming controllers.

The Amazon listing for the Astro gaming headset includes a “3-month free trial” but is $159 for the package that includes the headset and a 3-year subscription to Amazon Video.

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