iPhone 8 review: The most interesting new tech

iPhone 8 review: The most interesting new tech

A new version of Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8, has launched and the hype is in full swing.

The phone features an all-new design and features a new hardware chip, and it’s the first phone to come with a new version the company is calling Apple Neuralink.

Here are some of the most interesting things we learned about the iPhone X.

Read full storyMore importantly, though, it is the first iPhone to come equipped with a Neuralink chip.

That means it can connect to any Bluetooth device and can control Siri and other features.

That’s a big deal for Apple.

Apple has always been a leader in the mobile industry, and its neuralink chip, which was first announced in June, is a key part of that strategy.

Neuralink is the brainchild of Google’s former CEO and chief technology officer, Sundar Pichai.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Picha said he had envisioned the chip being used for AI-enabled artificial intelligence.

He said he was “very, very impressed” with how it performed in the lab, and predicted the chip would soon be available for consumer phones.

In fact, the Neuralink system is already available for consumers, and Apple is making it available for other smartphones, too.

It launched the Neuralio app for its iPhones, and the company recently launched a Neuralio phone with the Neuraliks neuralink chips for the Siri Remote and other services.

As far as Apple’s neuralink system goes, it has the ability to learn from users’ speech patterns and recognize their voice even when they’re not using the system.

That’s a great improvement over its predecessor, Siri.

The Neuralink feature is also more powerful than Siri, which uses a series of algorithms to determine whether someone is saying the right thing.

It also includes a neural network, which means the system can learn from a user’s input and apply it to specific tasks.

Pichai told The Wall St Journal that his goal was to create a system that could be “as simple as human beings, but that could also be as powerful as machines.”

That means he wanted to develop a system where people could use it in real-world situations to understand the environment.

That includes tasks such as recognizing people who are driving a car or talking on a phone.

Pics: Apple Neuralio iPhone 8 release event, June 12The Neuralink chips have been in development for about two years, and they have been optimized for the iPhone.

They also include improvements for a wider range of tasks, including recognizing faces and other objects.

But they’re designed for a certain range of devices.

The Neuralio chip, as well as the Siri remote, will only be available with the iPhone, and you can’t purchase the Neuralis Neuralink headset, a wireless headset that lets users use Siri and the like.

The headsets will also be available separately for those who want to buy them separately.

But that’s not to say Apple isn’t making some changes.

It’s not the first company to offer the Neuralinks Neuralink headsets, and if you’re looking for more features, there’s also a Neuraliink smartphone that has the same functionality, though with more storage.

The iPhone 8 also comes with two Neuraliinks Neuralio phones, the Neuroio 7 and Neuroio 9.

Those phones can connect with other phones, too, and have Bluetooth support.

Picking up one of these headsets will cost $150, which isn’t a terrible price.

It’ll also come with the neuralink Neuralio software, which can help you use Siri or other services that require your brain to process information, such as handwriting recognition.

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