How to play your favorite PC games on a pair of headphones

How to play your favorite PC games on a pair of headphones

The next generation of audio headphones are starting to get their chance to shine.

While the majority of headsets will be able to play PC games in 1080p, there are still some that won’t.

And that’s where the pdp Gaming headset comes in.

The pdp is a $399 headset that was developed by pdpaudio.

The company is best known for its headphones for the Xbox One and PS4, but also has a number of other headsets.

The headset features a high-quality polycarbonate body with a flexible earbuds that can adjust to fit many different ears.

The earbud is also wireless, meaning you don’t have to plug it in when you’re playing games.

The pdp headset has three ear cups, two of which can be swapped out at any time for a third.

The other ear cups are also interchangeable, so you can use either for the headset or the earphones.

While the pdx headset can’t play PC game in 1080i, it can play games at up to 60fps on a 4K monitor, according to the company’s website.

That means you can play an action game at 4K resolution without having to run off to the nearest high-definition TV.

It also means that if you’re watching a 4k movie at the same time, you’ll be able hear the difference between the sound of a TV and the sound a headset makes.

There are several other headsets that will support 1080p gaming on the pds, including the DSP Audio Technica XB100, the PDP Audio Stereo Headset, and the Stereo Microphone.

However, the pdc Gaming headset is the most affordable option, and it will only cost you $199 when it ships in January.

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