How to get the best audio quality with the Astro headset

How to get the best audio quality with the Astro headset

The latest smartphone and tablet hardware is designed to deliver a crisp, clear picture, but some headphones may not deliver the same sound quality.

Here are some tips to help you decide whether to buy a new pair.


Make sure the headphones you’re looking at are compatible with the headset you’re buying.

Some headsets have built-in microphones, but those can’t be used with the Astro headset.

To find out which headphones have built in microphones, try these websites.


Make a note of the type of headphones you want to get.

You can also look for models that have an adapter that lets you plug in headphones with different input levels.

You might want to consider looking at a pair of headphones with a more affordable price tag, or a pair with a different input.


Check the quality of the headphones.

For a good sound, headphones should have good impedance matching and good signal-to-noise ratio.

These should be in the range of 1 to 2 ohms (ohms-per-meter), according to a study by the audio company SoundSport.


Get the headphones and the adapter that comes with them.

Buy the headphones from the retailer with the adapters included.

If you want a cheaper pair, you might be able to find a pair for around $20, SoundSport says.


Make your decision based on how you want the sound.

Make an audio budget, too.

If the Astro headphones aren’t good enough for you, there are cheaper options out there.

You could buy the Astro earphones directly from the manufacturer, SoundSports says.


Check out the audio specs.

Check that the headphones come with a microphone, a microphone adapter, and a cable that connects them to the headphones (it’s called a plug).


Read reviews of the headsets you’re considering.

You may have to read them to find out if the headphones are worth it, SoundSport says.


Ask other people.

Many headphones come preloaded with a variety of other apps.

You’ll also want to check out reviews of other people’s experiences with the headphones, Soundsport says, which could help you make an educated decision.


Keep an eye out for discounts.

If a headphone has a discount, it might be worth considering.

The Astro headset has a 50% off discount if you buy it from Amazon, the retailer’s online store, Sound Sports says.

You’re also likely to save a bit if you order online, Sound Sport says.


Make yourself familiar with the device.

For instance, if you don’t want to use a phone, you can use a laptop instead.

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