How the new Astro A10 headset will affect your everyday life

How the new Astro A10 headset will affect your everyday life

A new wireless headset is expected to make its way to the public soon, and the one that we’ve been looking forward to is the Astro A10.

It’s the company’s latest headset to compete against the likes of Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, and its predecessor is currently the most popular headset on the market.

The new Astro A20 is expected later this year, but you might not have heard of it until now.

Its name is a portmanteau of “Astro” and “20,” a name that the company had given to the headset.

The company claims that its headset is capable of up to 20 hours of continuous use, which sounds like a lot of time for a headset that doesn’t actually provide you with any actual battery life.

It’s important to note that the new Astro 20 will be more than just a wireless headset, however.

It will also have a dedicated headset controller, which is a piece of software that will allow you to use your smartphone as a headset.

That could mean you won’t need to use a separate phone, but it could also mean you could take advantage of the device’s dedicated display, which could be more comfortable.

The Astro A-20 headset is set to launch this fall.

We’ve been in touch with the company to learn more about what we can expect from it.

We asked Astro whether it would make use of the phone as a controller, and what the company has in store for us.

The answer to that question is: Nothing.

The headset will only be a standalone piece of hardware, and that means that it won’t be able to be used with other smartphones or other types of mobile headsets.

So, no matter how many apps you’ve installed on your phone, you won.

The only other thing Astro has in mind is that its phone controller will be able take advantage in conjunction with the headset to let you use a different phone in the future.

So, in short, the Astro 20 is a wireless-only headset that can’t be used in conjunction for anything else.

That’s pretty much it.

And while Astro has said that its upcoming headset will have a large battery, it doesn’t mention any specific specifications, so we’re not exactly sure how much longer it will be out there.

If you want to know more about the new headset, you can check out our hands-on with the Astro and HoloLens headsets from Microsoft.

We also spoke to a few other sources that have worked with Astro, and we’ll update this post if we hear back.

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