GameStop and PlayStation 4 will offer VR support

GameStop and PlayStation 4 will offer VR support

Gamestop is now offering a PS4 headset for gamers who are not yet using headsets.

Gamestops online stores are already offering a headset and a PlayStation VR bundle, and the company will offer a standalone headset for $299, which includes both a headset, PlayStation VR headset, and an adapter.

This is a much cheaper headset than most of the PlayStation VR headsets currently available for sale on the market.

Gamers can also upgrade the headset with a Sony PlayStation VR headband.

Games are also getting a PlayStation 4 version of the Oculus Rift headset, which is already available on the Oculus store for $399.

Gamestation has already announced that they will release a headset that is compatible with the Oculus headset as well.

The announcement comes as part of the launch of the upcoming PlayStation VR update for the Oculus Store.

This update will come with a slew of improvements and bug fixes for the VR headset and controllers.

We’ll have more information on the update as it becomes available.

Gamestop says that the PS4-compatible headset is already in its hands and that it is available for pre-order right now.

For the time being, the company has not revealed the pricing for the headset or if it will be available in stores.

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