Best headset for gaming

Best headset for gaming

Microsoft has released a new video for its upcoming Xbox One headset.

The headset is the company’s first foray into a virtual reality headset, and its announcement at Gamescom is a welcome update.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is it?

Microsoft’s new Xbox One game headset has a 3D display that you can use to look around and interact with the virtual world.

The device also comes with a new microphone that you could use to play voice chat with other people, as well as a headset with built-in microphones.

You can get the headset in a couple of different colors.

You can pick the white version from the store or the silver version at Amazon for $199.99.

Microsoft is also announcing a new bundle of accessories that will come with the Xbox One.

These include a gaming mouse, a wireless controller, and a charging cable.

You get a wireless mouse and controller that you attach to the back of the Xbox, and you also get a charging cord that connects to the Xbox’s wireless charging pad.

The charging cable is a nice addition, though you’ll need to connect it to the wireless charging port on your Xbox One before it charges.

There’s also a pair of charging pads that are available at Amazon and at select retailers, but Microsoft hasn’t shared prices.

Microsoft is releasing the pads as an additional option, so if you want a more affordable set of pads, you can head over to Amazon and get the pads.

You also get one of two Xbox One games.

You have the traditional game you can play on your own console, or you can buy the console as a game bundle.

Microsoft has said it plans to sell more Xbox One bundles as the console matures.

Microsoft’s Xbox One bundle includes:Microsoft is rolling out the Xbox one gamepad in November, and it will be available at select retail outlets in November.

The gamepad is made of a silicone-based material that Microsoft claims is flexible and soft, and the pad can be used in two different positions.

The pads can be moved to either side of the head, so you can place them on your shoulders or on your head to create a 360-degree view.

You also have a built- in microphone, which you can put on top of the gamepad.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller has also been updated to include a wireless microphone, so the headset is a bit different than a traditional controller.

Microsoft has also said that the Xbox 360 controllers are coming out soon, so it looks like the Xbox pad is the same.

It’s still unclear when the new Xbox pad will arrive, though Microsoft has confirmed that it’s coming soon.

Microsoft hasn’t said much about the price of the new headset, but it does offer a $399 price tag.

Microsoft says that the new controller will be the cheapest Xbox 360 to date, but there’s no word on how much more expensive it will actually be.

The Xbox One controller will also be the most expensive, but that price tag is expected to drop as more developers start making Xbox One-compatible games.

Microsoft isn’t releasing a retail price for the XboxOne gamepad, but the company has said that it will charge $399 for the controller.

Microsoft also said on Tuesday that it was looking into pricing the Xbox headset separately.

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