Astro A10 wireless headset due in Q1 2016

Astro A10 wireless headset due in Q1 2016

The company is working with Hyperx to bring a high-end wireless headset to market in the UK.

The company’s flagship product, the Astro Wireless is a wireless headset with an audio-visual headset design that includes a microphone, two-way speaker and an integrated webcam.

The headset, which is available in black, red and grey, will be the first wireless headset from Astro.

The Astro is a device that was developed by Hyperx, a company which was acquired by the Google parent in 2015.

Its focus is to be a premium, high-performance wireless headset for gamers and sports enthusiasts.

It will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with a 16GB internal memory and 1GB of RAM.

Its design has been designed with the aim of being comfortable for people of all ages.

Astro will be available in three colour options, the blue, white and grey.

Astron is one of the few companies to use a custom headset for its devices.

The custom Astro headset was announced back in 2015, with the company announcing that it had partnered with HyperX to bring the headset to the UK market.

Hyperx is the world’s largest provider of high-quality gaming headsets.

It’s been working closely with Astro to bring high-speed wireless headsets to market.

The device will be sold under the Astron name.

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