Amazon and Wal-Mart to release wireless headset in 2017

Amazon and Wal-Mart to release wireless headset in 2017

By 2020, the two tech giants have agreed to make wireless headsets for both of their online stores.

The announcement comes at a time when Amazon and Walmart are in talks to launch a new online shopping platform, the Prime Now service.

In a statement, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said, “we are committed to delivering a world-class retail experience, with our team of highly skilled, driven, innovative and talented associates and associates with a passion for customer service.”

Wal-mart CEO Doug McMillon also confirmed that the two companies have a joint effort to create the first wireless headsets.

“The Amazon Prime Now platform will provide our customers with unmatched convenience, while the Wal-Marts wireless system will bring unparalleled convenience to our customers,” McMillon said.

The new headset will be called the Amazon Wireless Ear, and it will be available to purchase and test in the coming months.

It will reportedly be a wireless headset that is both comfortable and capable of carrying an enormous amount of data.

In addition to being able to communicate wirelessly, the Amazon wireless ear will also be capable of playing music.

It’s unclear if the headset will work with existing Apple and Google smartphones, but Amazon said that it’s committed to making the headset available to the company’s existing customers.

The company has previously stated that the Amazon Prime app will soon have support for the wireless ear.

The Amazon Prime ear will reportedly come with Bluetooth, though the exact specifications of the wireless headset will likely not be announced until later this year.

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